Microneedle devices have been used for drug delivery and vaccine delivery for many years. Instead of using microneedle devices to deliver a product into the skin, we use them to extract biomarkers from within the skin (epidermis and dermis).

Our devices are engineered to maximize biomarker extraction while minimizing pain. They are chemically funtionalized with specific probes which extract specific mRNA sequences when the device is applied to the skin.

Our targeted extraction approach ensures maximal extraction efficiency and gives optimal signal to noise ratio. Our Whole Transcriptome Extraction product has been successfully tested in human subjects:

  • Safety demonstrated in >40 patients
  • Analytical validation vs. biopsy in human subjects established (29 subjects)
  • Excellent correlation vs. biopsy demonstrated


qPCR NGS workflow



Our targeted extraction approach results in more sensitive, more reproducible and more informative sampling. Also because of its non-invasiveness our technology will enable researchers to conduct larger scale and more informative studies.

Our first product is our Whole Transcriptome Extraction device, which enables complete and non-invasive gene expression profiles from the skin. This product has already attracted the interest of large customers with several collaborations with global Pharma and Skin Care leaders.

In addition to our precision analytics initiative, we are also seeking partnerships with BioPharma companies who would be interested in using our technology, which we believe can greatly accelerate their research and clinical development efforts by enabling clinical development teams to acquire many more data points more frequently because of the non-invasiveness and cost effectiveness of our technology.

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MiNDERA Technology Benefits:

  • No pain or scar, can be used by researchers under IRB approval

  • Cost effective vs. biopsy

  • Feeds into established analytical lab workflows


MiNDERA SID 2017 Poster: Non-invasive transcriptome extraction from the skin using MiNDERA microneedle technology - Sherrif Ibrahim, Bradford J. Taft, Shreya Pramanick, Thejus Mannath, Philippe Nore, & Tobin J. Dickerson

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